Todo List for a CRAN Package Submission with Compiled Code

12 Aug 2016

CRAN submission can be hard for the first time CRAN contributor.

Here is todo list CRAN submission, based on What I learn from my experience and the resourses on the Internet.

Title case - Package title should be in title case.

Authors - Make sure you list all of the authors about the code you use on your package.

Run R CMD check with --as-cran.

If your package contains compiled code, you should check every platform that you can reach to ensure the package can compile on CRAN.

Write CRAN comments about all the note you find on R CMD check.

Test your packge with valgrind and Undefined Behavior Sanitizer.

CRAN now tests package with valgrind, UBSAN and ASAN now and then. Make use your package pass these tests before they are on CRAN, this will reduce the trouble you face, when the package is on CRAN.

re2r CRAN rstats